Top 10 Best Job Portals in India – 2022

A young individual starts to find a job as soon as he completes his education. A few years ago it was quite hard to find a job of our interest without having connections and references. Now the time has changed …

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Top 10 University in India – Detailed List

Top 10 University in India: There are more than 850 Universities in India. It’s not a piece of cake to outrank the competition and to make a spot in the list of Top 10 University in India. As Nelson Mandela says, “Education …

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Top 10 Best Universities in UK – 2021

Top 10 Best Universities in the UK:

The United Kingdom has several universities that offer excellent academics, well-structured, and equipped campus area, experienced, and expert teaching faculty, and provides various extra-curricular activities that help student’s overall development.
Universities in the United Kingdom has a history along with modern teaching techniques.

There are Universities for Laws, Engineering, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, accounting, and finance, etc. that provide top-notch quality of education. Students from all corners of the world want to get admission to UK universities because of their quality education.
If you want to study in the states of the UK which universities you should consider? Which university will be best for you?
To clear your confusion, Topsorted has written a detailed article about the universities in the UK which will wipe the dust off to clear your doubt.

This article will serve you the most correct and detailed information on the top 10 best universities in the UK.
Are you curious to know which universities are the top 10 spot holders defeating a huge number of universities in the UK, you should check this full article.
Here is the list of  Top 10 Universities in the UK:

Rank in the UK: Global Rank: Name of the University: Location:
 10.  62  The University of Warwick  England
 9.  58  University of Bristol  Bristol
 8.  49  London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)  London
 7.  31=  King’s College London (KCL)  London
 6.  27=  The University of Manchester  Manchester
 5.  20  University of Edinburgh  Scotland
 4.  10.  UCL (University College London)  London
 3.  8.  Imperial College London  London
 2.  7.  University of Cambridge  England
 1.  5.  University of Oxford  England


10. University of Warwick: 

University of Warwick - top 10 universities in the uk

 UK Rank: #10               Scholarships: Yes 
Global Rank: #62         Status: Public

                 “Mind moves matter” 
    The University of Warwick is located in the borders of Coventry between the West Midlands and Warwickshire, England. 
It was founded back in 1965, to expand quality education under the government initiative. Further Business school, Law school, WMG, Warwick Medical School, Warwick incorporated Coventry College of Education and Horticulture Research International were opened.

Warwick is spread in around 720 acres (290 ha) of campus with the satellite campus in Wellesbourne and a central London base at the Shard. Warwick has a fully loaded campus with facilities. 
Along with the green and peaceful campus, it has a proper transportation network connecting to England.        
The faculty is divided into three categories Science Engineering, Medicine, and Arts. Social Science has 32 departments in it.

Warwick has a total 26,531 number of students and around 2,492 academic staff. Students throughout the world make every effort to get select for this university. 

Around 50% of the total student population is occupied by outside students. 

Warwick is a member of various prestigious organizations and associations.
Warwicks staff includes winners of the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal, the Padma Vibhushan Richard W. Hamming Medal, Emmy Award and Grammy, and many other reputed awards.

9. University of Bristol: 

 UK Rank: #9               Scholarships: Yes 

Global Rank: #58         Status: Public

    Learning promotes one’s innate power” 

     The University of Bristol was founded in 1876, today which is known for delivering values and unparalleled education.
At an early stage, in 1595  the engineering department of the Merchant Venturers’ Technical College was found which became the engineering faculty of Bristol University. Successively, Bristol Medical School (1833) and University College, Bristol, founded in 1876.
Bristol University offers about 200 undergraduate courses comprising six different departments and schools. 
The campus of Bristol University is spread across a considerable geographic area. Most of its activities, however, are concentrated in the area of the city centre, referred to as the “University Precinct”. 
However, in 2016 University planned to expand the campus.
University’s astonishing academics and evolving environment attract the brightest minds from all corners of the world. 

Around one-quarter of students are from outside the UK and more than 150 countries represent the diverse community of Bristol.

Bristol has unrivalled teaching staff who are leaders in their respective domains. Students get the opportunity to absorb not only the quality education from their mentors but also values and lessons to become successful. 

Along with the academics the University has its rowing club, the University of Bristol Boat Club is based at the Saltford Rowing Centre.

8.  London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE):

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE):


 UK Rank: #8               Scholarships: Yes 
Global Rank: #49         Status: Public


    To understand the causes of things” 

    London School of Economics also referred to as (LSE) located in London, England was established in the year 1895 by the Fabian Society members Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb, Graham Wallas, and George Bernard Shaw for the betterment of society.
Joining the University of London in 1900 LSE established its first degree courses in 1901.
In 2008 LSE begin its own degrees in its own name, which was priory awarded degrees in the name of the University of London.
To contribute to the reputation of LSE, its campus is also located in Westminster, Central London, near the boundary between Covent Garden and Holborn. The area is historically known as Clare Market.
The location of LSE helps the university to take an active involvement in the UK and world affairs. 
Around 11,000 students are studying in LSE along with 3,300 staff.

The student body in LSE is combined with about 140 countries in the world and has the second-highest percentage of international students (70%) of all world universities.
The institute is formulated in 25 academic departments that conduct teaching and research across a range of pure and applied social sciences.
According to a 2014 global census of U.S dollar billionaires, LSE has educated the most billionaires compared to other European universities.

7. King’s College London (KCL):

King’s College London


 UK Rank: #7               Scholarships: Yes 
Global Rank: #=31         Status: Public

    With Holiness and Wisdom”

    Kings College London also shortly known as KCL is located in London, United Kindom and it is the founding college and member institution of the federal University of London. 
King’s is one of the oldest universities in England, which was authorized by King George IV and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington in the year 1829.
Later in 1836 King’s became one of the two founding colleges of the University of London and in the late 20th century it grew by merging various institutes. 
KCL comprises of 5 campuses: its historic Strand Campus in central London, three other Thames-side campuses nearby, and one in Denmark Hill in south London. It has the fourth-largest endowment compared to any other university in the United Kingdom and the largest of any in London.
King’s academic strategies are distributed among the nine faculties, further divided into various departments, centres, and research divisions. For graduate and post-graduate
medical teaching and biomedical research, KCL is considered the largest European centre, considering the number of students.
KCL is a member of various reputed and prestigious organizations like the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Russell Group, and the European University Association. It is an also founding member of the King’s Health Partners academic health sciences centre, Francis Crick Institute and, MedCity.
King’s staff includes 14 Nobel laureates, who are contributors to the discovery of DNA structure, the Higgs boson, and Hepatitis C

Its staff also includes heads of states, governments, and intergovernmental organizations.

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top 10 universities in the world 2020

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