Best fighter jets in the world 2021- Top 10 Deadliest

Fighter Jets play a very vital role in the defense of any country. If you are curious to know the top 10 best fighter jets in the world right now, this article is for you.

Top 10 best fighter jets in the world 2020

Jet planes having advanced features, super-sonic speed, and the best maneuverability are a necessity. 

Fighter jets have evolved extensively after their use in both the world wars.

Fighters used during the world wars had a speed of about 100 mph (160 kph) which was much slower and technologically not much advanced as compared to today’s generation jets.

Today’s generation jets have a speed of more than 1,500 mph (2,414 kph) and they are equipped with ultra-modern technology.

But after the war, it was drastically enhanced. Large weapon carrying capacity, advanced mechanism, and speed became the need for upgraded fighters.

Today’s fighters are built in such a way that their ground and in-air attacking techniques are extremely on-point.

Fighters are designed to hide from the radars, this is known as Stealth mode. It helps jets to carry out operations without coming on the radar.

Fighter jets help the nations to dominate the sky, water as well as the ground during war or military operations.

They also represent the defensive strength of the nations.

The fighter jets are classified into generations. Generations represent the stages of evolution in technology, shape, and fighting capabilities.

There are 5 classified generations and the fifth generation is the latest and much-advanced generation. 

Many nations have declared the development of sixth-generation fighter jets.

So, let’s start the countdown of the top 10 best fighter jets in the world 2021:

10. Sukhoi Su-30 MKI:

Sukhoi Su-30 MKI - top 10 best fighter jets
National origin: Russia/India
Manufactured by: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Role: Multirole Fighter
Speed: 1,320 mph (2,120 kph)
Cost: US$50 Million
Used in: India
Sukhoi Su-30 MKI is a multirole fighter jet assembled in India by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) with the help of Russia’s Sukhoi.
It is a long-range, air-to-air combat, and all-weather fighter jet. The twin AL-31FP turbojet engines provide the thrust to climb 300m/s to this jet.
It is more advanced than the Su-30MK as it is a combination of the Su-37 demonstrator and the Su-30 program.
This fighter jet has an empty weight of 18,400 kg and a max take-off weight of 38,800 kg.
The flying range of Sukhoi Su-30 MKI is 3,000 km consuming internal fuel, which is about a 3.75-hour combat mission.

It is equipped with radars, lasers, and displays that guide the pilots to strike the targets on-point and to tackle the opponent’s attacks.

Su-30 MKI is fully equipped with the armament. It has 1 gun with 150 rounds, 12 hardpoints, 8 rockets, numerous missiles to fire on air-to-air, air-to-land, and air-to-ship targets. It also has a large number of bombs.
It also carries one Brahmos supersonic cruise missile which can hit the target within 290 km of range. Brahmos is the fastest supersonic missile in the world.

9. Dassault Rafale:

Dassault Rafale - top 10 best fighter jets

National Origin: France

Manufactured by: Dassault Aviation
Role: Multirole fighter
Speed: 1,381 mph (2,223 kph)
Cost: ~€70 Million
Used in: France, Egypt, Qatar
Rafale is a combination of agility, maneuverability, armament, and advanced radars which makes it one of the most advanced and deadliest fighter jets.
Rafale comes in three variants – Rafale B, Rafale C and Rafale M.
Dassault Rafale is built by the French company Dassault and the fighter jet is primarily used in France, Egypt, Qatar, and the Indian air force.
Rafale is built by France without seeking the help of other nations for technology or parts. The Rafale was built by Dassault, Safran, and Thales which are France’s major defense contractors.
Rafale’s engine is powered by twin Snecma M88-2 turbofans which gives it a maximum speed of 1,381 mph (2,223 kph).
Its weight is 10,300 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 24,500 kg including armaments and fuel.
Rafale’s potential is to strike the air-to-air and air-to-ground targets.
It is stocked with one autocannon with 125 rounds, 14 hardpoints, 3 different air-to-air missiles, 6 different air-to-ground missiles, one surface missile, and one nuclear missile.
Its cockpit is loaded with radars, heads-up displays, and sensors that help the pilot to hit the target.
Rafale can give tough competition to the F-16 fighter jet due to its agility, speed, and combat ability.
Dassault refers to this fighter jet as an ‘Omnirole’ fighter jet.

8. Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle:

Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle - top 10 fighter jets

National Origin: United States

Manufactured by: McDonnell Douglas & Boeing, Space & Security
Role: Multirole Strike Fighter
Speed: 1,650 mph (2,656 kph)
Cost: US$31.3 Million
Used in: United States, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Boeing F-15E Stike Eagle is the United States Multirole Strike Fighter developed from Douglas F-15 Eagle.
The fighter is used in the 6 nations mentioned above.
The fighter was used in many operations by the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.
F-15E Stike Eagle was developed and upgraded on the same frame of F-15 which was superior in an air-to-air strike.
As an enhanced version of F-15, the F-15E was proved to be superior for air-to-air as well as air-to-ground targets.
Twin Pratt & Whitney F-100-PW-220 afterburning turbofan engine powers this jet which gives it the maximum speed of 1,650 mph (2,656 kph).
The empty weight of this fighter is 14,379 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 36,741 kg.
Talking about the armaments it has one 20mm M61A1 Vulcan 6-barreled Gatling cannon that fires 500 rounds. 
It includes 3 different air-to-air missiles, 6 different air-to-surface missiles and it is also equipped with 17 different types of bombs.
There are 3*600 US gallons drop tanks and 1*480 US gallons supercruise drop tank.
It is stocked with updated radars, targeting pods, electronics, and sensors.
The Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle is an advanced, cheaper and replacement for previous generation fighters.

7. Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet:

Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet - top 10 fighter jets
National Origin: United States
Manufactured by: McDonnell Douglas & Boeing, Space & Security
Role: Carrier-based Multirole Fighter
Speed: 1,190 mph (1,915 kph)
Cost: US$66 Million
Used in: Australia, Kuwait, United States
Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is a multirole fighter jet that is a developed version of the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet.
The Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is available in 5 variants.
It has the lowest cost per flight hour compared to other US fighters making it the most affordable fighter.
In 1992, the US Navy ordered the Super Hornet as a cheap and low-risk aircraft and then approved it after 3,100 test flights.
The advanced Super Hornet has more weight, more armament carrying capacity, large fuel tanks, and upgraded sensors and radars. 
Super Hornet is used by the US, Australian, and Kuwait air force and many other nations have also ordered the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.
The Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is powered by a twin  General Electric F414-GE-400 turbofans engine, offering it a range of climb of 228 m/s.
The twin-engine gives it a maximum speed of 1,190 mph (1,915 km/h). 
The fighter jet is having an empty weight of, 14,552 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 29,937 kg.
The fighter is fully equipped with upgraded radars, electronics, sensors, and displays making it a more advanced jet than the original.
In the armaments, this jet has 1× 20 mm (0.787 in) M61A2 Vulcan that fires 412 rounds, 11 hardpoints, 9 different types of missiles to strike air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-ship targets.
There are 6 different types of bombs in this jet.
The Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is a perfect combination of affordable, advanced, easy to maneuver, and deadly fighter jet.

6. Eurofighter Typhoon:

Eurofighter typhoon - top 10 fighter jets

National Origin: UK, Germany, Italy, Spain.

Manufactured by: Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH

Role: Multirole Fighter

Speed: 1,320 mph (2,125 kph)
Cost: ~€100 Million
Used in: Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK
Eurofighter Typhoon is a multirole fighter that was designed as an air superiority fighter jet by Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK combined.
Initially, the development of the Eurofighter Typhoon was begun with the collaboration of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Uk. However, due to disagreements, France did not take part.
This led France to develop Dassault Rafale independently.
The Eurofighter Typhoon is the most advanced swing-role fighter jet, it can switch from air-to-air into an air-to-ground role and vice versa effortlessly.
The cockpit of this fighter consists of modern avionics. It gets upgraded radars, sensors, multi-functional displays which ensures pilot safety.
The Eurofighter jet has twin Eurojet EJ200 afterburning turbofan engines, providing it 1,320 mph (2,125 kph) of speed.
It has an empty weight of 11,000 kg and maximum take-off weight of 23,500 kg.
The fighter is equipped with one 27 mm revolver cannon with 150 rounds, 13 hardpoints, 5 types of air-to-air missiles, 8 types of air-to-surface missiles, 6 different types of bombs, and drop tanks.
The Eurofighter Typhoon is the advanced and swing-role jet that can prove to be the best for the next decade.
Its agility, stealth mode, safety features, built quality, stability at super-cruising, and affordability give it sixth position in our top 10 best fighter jets list.

5. Sukhoi Su-35:

Sukhoi Su-35 - top 10 fighter jets in the world
National Origin: Russia
Manufactured by: Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association.

Role: Multirole Fighter

Speed: 1,500 mph (2,400 kph)
Cost: US$65 Million
Used in: China and Russia
Designed and built-in Russia the Sukhoi Su-35 is the upgraded version of the Sukhoi Su-27, it is more agile, advanced, and maneuverable than its original.
The Sukhoi Su-35 had its maiden flight on 19th February 2008 and in 2009 Russia ordered 48 fighters in its fleet.
The Sukhoi Su-35 is available in 5 different variants.
To make this aircraft competitive with existing as well as future fighters, it has to modernize accordingly.
This fighter has better attacking tactics, enhanced security systems and it can dominate the air, ground as well as water.
Sukhoi Su-35 is powered by two Saturn AL-41F1S afterburning turbofan engines providing it the speed of 1,500 mph (2,400 kph). The empty weight is 19,000 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 34,500 kg.
The cockpit of this fighter is loaded with modern radars, tracking systems, and sensors. Its countermeasures are much advanced and can tackle the opponent’s radars, missiles, and IR.
The armaments in this fighter have one 30 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 autocannon gun that has 150 rounds, 12 hardpoints, 6 types of air-to-air missiles, 3 types of air-to-ground, and 5 types of air-to-ship missiles.
It also consists of 3 different types of anti-radiation missiles and about 10 types of bombs.
The Sukhoi Su-35 is a great substitute for the aging fleet of Russia and other nations.

4. Chengdu J-20: 

top 10 best fighter jets in the world
National Origin: China
Manufactured by: Chengdu Aerospace Corporation

Role: Stealth Air Superiority Fighter

Speed: 1,304 mph (2,100 kph)
Cost: US$30 – $50 Million
Used in: China
Chengdu J-20 is a fifth-generation, stealth, multirole fighter derived from J-XX, with more advanced strike capability, and maneuverability.
J-20 is developed by China’s Chengdu Aerospace Corporation for the air-superiority.
The nose and canopy of the J-20 resemble the F-22 raptor according to analysts.
The design of the J-20 helps it for stealth mode, however, some analysts state that it can also compromise its stealth mode.
In 2018, the Indian Air Chief claimed that the Sukhoi Su-30MKI can easily detect the J-20 from several km’s away.
However, the analyst from the Royal United Services Institute stated that the Chinese are flying J-20’s with radar reflectors for safety during peacetime.
The J-20 made its first flight on 11 January 2011, in 2015 its development was started, and in 2016 the Chinese Air Force received its first J-20.
The J-20 is powered by twin Saturn AL-31FM2 afterburning turbofan engines, having a maximum speed of 1,304 mph (2,100 kph).
The empty weight of J-20 is 19,391 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 37,013 kg.
The armaments of J-20 include four air-to-air missiles, one bomb, and four drop tanks.
It uses retractable guided missile launchers, which enables the internal weapon bay to be closed while the missiles are hanging outside.
Chengdu J-20’s cockpit is loaded with advanced radars, sensors, guiding displays, and scanners.
After the F-22 and F-35, Chengdu J-20 is the world’s third operational fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft.

3. Sukhoi Su-57:

Sukhoi Su-57 - top 10 best fighter jets
National Origin: Russia
Manufactured by: Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant

Role: Stealth Multirole Air Superiority Fighter

Speed: 1,320 mph (2,120 kph)
Cost: US$42 Million
Used in: Russia
Sukhoi Su-57 is a single-seat, multirole, stealth, fifth-generation aircraft which is intended to be the first aircraft using stealth technology in the Russian fleet.
Russia needed a fighter that can be superior in the air as well as ground targets, to meet this condition they started developing the Su-57.

It is also known as T-50 in Sukhoi and it took its first flight on 29 Jan 2010 and entered the Russian fleet on 25 Dec 2020.

As a fifth-generation aircraft, it is more enhanced than its previous generation jets. It has better maneuverability, avionics, attacking skills, and much-advanced technology.
It is a perfect successor for its elder siblings – MiG-29 and Su-27.
Su- 57’s cockpit is equipped with various upgraded radars, targeting systems, displays, sensors, and countermeasure systems.
The jet is powered by a twin izdeliye 30 turbofan engines, giving it a maximum speed of 1,320 mph (2,120 kph).
The empty weight of Su-57 is 18,000 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 35,000 kg.
In the armament, this jet has one 30 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 autocannon, 12 hardpoints, 3 types of air missiles, 1 surface missile, 1 anti-ship missile, and 3 types of anti-radiation missiles.
The Su-57 is the world’s fourth fifth-generation operational aircraft after the F-22, F-35, and J-20.
Considering its affordability, agility, stealth, and technology it is one of the best and deadliest fighter jets in the world.

2. Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II:

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - best fighter jet
National Origin: United States
Manufactured by: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Role: Stealth Multirole Fighter

Speed: 1,200 mph (1,930 kph)
Cost: F-35A: US$ 78 M
            F-35B: US$ 101.3 M
            F-35C: US$ 94.4 M


Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a single-seat, fifth-generation, stealth, all-weather fighter jet which is dominant in the air as well as the ground.
The F-35 was built by Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and Northrop Grumman.
F-35 is derived from Lockheed Martin X-35, which has won the title of JSF in 2001.
Israeli Air Force used this fighter jet in 2018 for the combat mission.
The F-35 is the second operational fifth-generation jet to enter the service of USAF and also the first supersonic STOVL stealth fighter.
The cockpit of this jet is loaded with advanced avionics such as radars, sensors, displays, warning systems, and counter-measure systems. 
The empty weight of the F-35 is 13,290 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 31,751 kg.
It is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney F135-PW-100 afterburning turbofan engine giving it the speed of 1,200 mph (1,930 kph).
F-35 armament includes one 25 mm (0.984 in) GAU-22/A 4-barrel rotary cannon that fires 180 rounds, 10 hardpoints, 4 types of air-to-air missiles, 6 types of air-to-surface missiles, and 1 anti-ship missile.
It also consists of 7 bombs. 
The F-35 is operated in many nations and more nations are considering to order.
The project of the F-35 is criticized because of its delay in production and expanding prices.
However combining its features, attacking capabilities, stealth mode, maneuverability, and tackling tactics it is the most advanced fighter in the air.
1. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor:
Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor - top 10 best fighter jets
National Origin: United States
Manufactured by: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and Boeing, Space & Security

Role: Stealth Air Superiority Fighter

Speed: 1,500 mph (2,414 kph)
Cost: US$150 Million
Used in: United States
The F-22 Raptor is on the top position of the list of the top 10 best fighter jets in the world.
F-22 is a lethal combination of agility, speed, stealth, and attacking capability.
The F-22 Raptor is a fifth-generation fighter jet developed by Lockheed Martin with the partnership of Boeing.
It is the most advanced fighter accompanied by updated technology, easy maneuverability, tackling skills, top-notch radars, and sensors.
Under the US Federal Law, the F-22 raptor cannot be exported to protect its stealth technology and other enhanced features.
The F-22 was developed as an Advanced Tactical Fighter that can replace the F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon.
The design of the F-22 is so well developed that enhances its stealth ability, hiding it from the opponent’s radars. And if detected it’s like a small dot on the radar that is unnoticeable.
This jet is powered by the twin  Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 augmented turbofan engines, having a maximum speed of 1,500 mph (2,414 kph).
The fighter can supercruise at Mach 1.5+ without using the afterburners which makes it an extra-ordinary jet.
The cockpit of this raptor is fully loaded with advanced features, radars, countermeasure systems, and sensors. It is the first cockpit that is compatible with night vision goggles.
The F-22 armament includes 1 M61A2 Vulcan Rotary Cannon with 480 rounds, 2 different types of air-to-air missiles, 3 types of surface missiles, and 4 hardpoints.
 The F-22 has a large amount of weapon carrying capacity, its every hardpoint can carry 5,000 lb.
The F-22 Raptor is a modern unmatched fighter jet with extra-ordinary capabilities. It is the deadliest and the best fighter jet present in the world.
As we now know the F-22 Raptor is the strongest and best fighter jet present in the air. Every nation wants its defense to be strong and in order to make it strong, the air-force must be strong. Because the air-force can dominate the air as well as ground with its capabilities. Every nation is advancing its technology to make its fighters futuristic.
The country having modern, capable, and enhanced fighter jets will have a greater edge to win or dominate the wars and operations. And for that, they need to develop and add these fighters to their service.
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